Automate Reporting

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  • Built-in data visualizations include compliance reporting, your outcomes performance, and other established KPIs for the practice.
  • Generate complex queries or run standard reports based on pre-built comparative views of patient-reported outcomes data compared to the global database.
  • Simple to review your progress, compare to others and identify areas of improvement.
  • Support high-level overview for your practice.
  • Automate reports for quick and ongoing decision making on your process.

Export Data Easily

distributed to staff automatically
  • OBERD’s “Dispatch” export tool provides deep dive mechanism for root cause analysis and answering very granular questions.
  • Customizable and automated raw data exports.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Access to the comprehensive data-sets being collected through automated protocols.

Benchmark & Market Yourself

with Quality Measured Doctors
  • View practice ranking and individual outcomes performance, with procedure volume, trended across all intervals
  • Comparative views with PROMs, medical history, treatment data, and patient satisfaction data to provide a true holistic measure of quality
Patient Scorecards

Keep Patients Informed

with Patient Scorecards
  • Real-Time feedback after every filled form
  • Contextualized outcomes, care pathways and satisfaction data for patients using scorecards
  • Patients stay well informed of their progress compared to patients like them